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Biomedicine Masterstudies

The Master's program

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The Master's program takes on average three semesters and is consecutive to the Bachelor's program in biomedicine. The Master’s program consists of an individually designed course work of 20 ECTS credit points, which includes the two compulsory modules BME410 "Scientific writing and publishing" (4 ECTS credit points) and BME520 "Integrated knowledge in Biomedicine" (6 ECTS credit points). The 12-month thesis BME500 (60 ECTS credit points) on a research project represents the core of the Master’s program. Students have access to over 40 research groups at the University of Zurich, University Hospital Zurich and Children Hospital for their master's theses. The vast thematic diversity of Master’s theses includes, among others, projects in cardiovascular research, sports physiology, human genetics, diabetes research, cancer research and child psychiatry. The Master's program confers the title "Master of Science in Biomedicine".

Please consult the 'Leaflet on the Master's Program in Biomedicine' (PDF, 174 KB) for detailed information on the selection and execution of the Master’s thesis.

Completion of the Master's program course work (20 ECTS)

The modules that are attended during the Master's program must totalize at least 20 ECTS credit points. These modules must be determined at the beginning of the Master's program. 15 ECTS are selected from compulsory elective areas 2 and 3 and from MNF (faculty of science) elective modules related to the topic of the Master's thesis (no Biology and Biomedicine basic study modules). Modules of up to 5 ECTS credit points can be selected from the entire range of courses offered by UZH and ETHZ.

The modules are normally completed before the beginning of the Master‘s thesis.

Compulsory modules during the Master‘s thesis

Scientific writing and publishing

Fall Semester:       Th. Hennet, Chr. Grimm

Spring Semester:   M. Thiersch, Th. Biedermann

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Integrated knowledge in Biomedicine BME520
Master‘s Thesis in Biomedicine BME500

The compulsory module BME410 "Scientific writing and publishing" should be taken during the Master‘s thesis and yields 4 ECTS credit points. The compulsory module BME520 "Integrated knowledge in Biomedicine" (6 ECTS) is a self-learning module on a topic defined at the beginning of the Master’s program and examined orally after the completion of the Master’s thesis.


A Bachelor's degree in Biomedicine of the University of Zurich is required for admission to the Master's program in Biomedicine. Students of the University of Zurich with a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry or Biology are admitted if the modules BME235, BME236, BME245, BME246, BCH202 as well as BME248 (from beginning of Master fall semseter 2024) have been successfully completed at the Bachelor level.


Admission of students with a Bachelor's degree from another university is decided by the Vice Dean for Studies after submission of a formal application

We don’t make any preliminary clarifications.



Master in Biomedicine with optional minor subject

In addition to the major in Biomedicine, a minor subject of 30 ECTS credit points can be taken voluntarily during the Master's program, thus yielding 90+30 ECTS. The major in biomedicine requires one year (12 months) full-time study. An optional minor subject should only be carried out after completion of the major program.

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Registration deadline:

Fall Sem.: End of July / Middle of August

Spring Sem: December 21, 2023 - January 10, 2024


Publication / Allocation:

February 9, 2024


For the block courses, a correct online registration is required.


Biomedical Coordination Office

Bachelor's degree from another university

Admission of students with a Bachelor's degree from another university is decided by the Vice Dean for Studies after submission of a formal application

We don’t make any preliminary clarifications.


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